Sally Tindall

First Officer – A330 – Virgin Atlantic

Human Factors & Non-Technical Skills Trainer

Are you ‘grounded’? Feeling at a loss as to what to do?

This episode is for all the ATPL, RPT and associated industry workers affected by the grounding of most of the regular passenger air transport services.

Are you skilled up with Human Factors knowledge? How about non-technical skills? How can these help you right now?

In this special edition of ‘Grounded’, Angela Stevenson interviews First Officer Sally Tindall. With over 8000 hours in her logbook, 3300 of those in an A330, and sixteen years studying and training in HF and NTS, hear how the crisis has affected Sally as a pilot, her hopes for her crew, where she sees opportunities, how airline crew and staff can re-imagine themselves, and how they can utilise their existing skills and training in human factors to get through this.


Click on the play button in the image above to listen now.

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