Episode 2 – Michael Monck (23 mins)

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8 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Michael Monck (23 mins)

  1. angela stevenson says:

    Question 1 – How do we financially (or otherwise) support flight schools through the peak demand period expected when we are back in the air? What could a business model for this look like? How can your industry association work with your flight school in this regard?


  2. Warwick Calleia says:

    Hi Angela, Airports are open and planes can be flown. We need to focus on what is expected and get on with it. If the picture moving forward includes masks , sanitiser and staying closer to our home strip so be it. We are coming in to good weather too.


  3. neil says:

    Id like to know when training can recommence, i was just about through my x country endorsement and all this happened, and am keen on getting it finished


  4. Ron says:

    Thank you all for having these sessions on I’ve only listened to two so far The question that I would like to ask is my wife and I can get in our car and drive to do things we need to do but my wife and I can’t get in the car and drive to the hangar get the plane out and go for a local flight land back at the same airport and then drive home without getting sprung for non essential travel, does this all sound trivial ?


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