Episode 8 – CATCHUP! – Andrew Smith, Michael Monck and Wendy Mann (30mins)

Episode 8 – ‘GROUNDED’ – CATCHUP! Andrew Smith (Central Coast Aero Club), Michael Monck (Recreational Aviation Australia) and Wendy Mann (Geraldton Air Charter).

This week, Angela does something different (which is why it’s a little overdue!)…it’s time to look to the past to inform the future! Angela catches up for a quick chat with Andrew, Michael and Wendy from Episodes 1-3 about where they are at now and what, if anything, has changed.

Find out whether Andrew’s flight school is kicking, if recreational flying is well and truly back on track, and whether Wendy’s plans for the future are any different these days!

Click on the play button in the image above to listen now

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