Episode 7 – Susan Woods – Jabiru Aircraft (20 mins)

This week, Angela Stevenson interviews Susan Woods, Business Manager of Jabiru Aircraft & Engines (Manufacturing & Sales).

Sue’s perspectives on the manufacturing industry and general aviation as a whole, as a Business Manager and private pilot, make a valuable contribution to the body of knowledge about the effects of the pandemic on the industry. Sue also brings an interesting perspective to the table regarding a possible resurgence of recreational flying post-pandemic!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Susan Woods – Jabiru Aircraft (20 mins)

  1. Hello Sue, it’s Ed Ricks, I am still in the Aviation business. Looking forward to see you sometime. Say hi to your Dad, I am the one who showed him his new shoes years ago!
    I always liked you and your family.

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  2. Very nice interview. I always love see strong women in aviation, your questions were excellent and the answers even more so.
    I hope Jabiru is still keeping it’s head above the water so it can fly high and far when this is all over.
    When I learnt to fly in 1990 one of my instructors was the Late Senja Robey who was like a pioneer for women in aviation in Australia.

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