Episode 5 – Adrianne Fleming OAM (27 mins)

This week, Angela Stevenson interviews Adrianne Fleming OAM, co-owner of Tristar Aviation. As the Head of Operations at Tristar, Adrianne gives us a closer look at how the pandemic has affected flight training and flight schools; including the possible reduced demand for CPL training, the issues of dual flight training, international students, and how her business is staying positive in this weird new world!

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6 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Adrianne Fleming OAM (27 mins)

    1. As pointed out in the podcast, it’s going to be pretty much impossible to socially distance inside any GA training aircraft. So hygiene is the only pathway. Maybe masks could be worn? And students definitely need their own headsets.


  1. I agree with Adrianne that airline pilots won’t want to go to GA. Good point too about aviation being a passion for many, which may mean people make decisions with the heart rather than the head.

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