Episode 1 – Andrew Smith (30 mins)

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7 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Andrew Smith (30 mins)

  1. Pre-Covid 19 the GA industry and aviation in general was already considered fragile. Do you agree? In what ways beyond what Andrew and I have discussed today, is it so, or not so? And how can we, as an industry, rise from the ashes to be ultimately more resilient?


  2. This episode presented welcome and important discussion in regard to the survival of GA and more specifically, aero clubs. The serious restrictions on flying are easily understood in this environment but the communication between existing members is equally important. This is something my own club should be addressing immediately.

    In times gone by I was in the business of providing correspondence courses for private pilots that was very successful. It was not dependent on the internet as the information was in printed form with relevant supporting references. Phone or post access to tutors were available for the students. At the completion of each program testing was conducted by the closest flying school. For future safeguards perhaps these type programs could be readily available. Right now government assistance could be sought to put these and on-line programs in place.


  3. Andrew mentioned cooperation amongst flying businesses, and this really made a lot of sense to me. This could be a way that aviation businesses are made more resilient. I know a lot of this already happens, but it would be great if it become more common. It could be something as simple as borrowing a battery cart, or something more adventurous like sharing a front desk. (My dentist has one front desk that is used by two different dental businesses, with the waiting room also a shared space.)


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